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Clare Law - Iridescent - Oil on Canvas.j


In May of 2020 I managed to visit for the first time Lukesland Gardens in Devon. Having emerged from lockdown for my first inspirational visit of the spring the hues and compositions were breathtaking. With streams and rivers winding their way through the gardens I fell in love with this stark contrast of the dark banks, the rhododendron pinks catching on the waters. A piece of secluded heaven.

Clare Law - Flight of the Kingfisher - O


Further down the stream of the stunning waters that run through Lukesland Gardens I fell in love with the light and richness of greens, sienna's and blues. The sense of flying low over the surface basking in the beams of light and promise of summer.

Image 1.jpg


My inspiration is driven by walking through the landscape. As each painting takes many weeks, I take hundreds of photographs and sketches during a site visit, placing myself as if I were painting in situe and capturing the light naturally using no filters. I want to be able to come back to the studio still breathing and seeing all the nuances that have captivated me.